a twinkle

in your eyes

a smile on

your face

Let's make fun

We are Studio Sweet & Sour, a Dutch design studio where we create products for your sweet and sour moments in life.

Our products are designed with a big love for detail, so we pay as much attention to the inside as to the outside of a product.

We just love to make things that are fun & out of the ordinary; things that make you feel rad every time you use them.

At the studio we all share a passion to help you with your everyday life, so nothing stops you from getting to that moment… or to get that thing over with.

The moment when you look around and think: Yes, I did it! I took my ambition further,

I went the extra mile. Or that point where you are like: That was a tough one but hey, I managed!

Everything we make is useful and beautiful. All paper products have beautiful details like foil stamps, colored edges, neon printed innerpages, etc and all accessories have a nicely printed lining and awesome zipper pullers.


Fall/Winter 2016
Notebooks &

Current collection

After months of hard work we are very proud to announce that our very first collection of notebooks and accessories will hit the stores coming October! 

Do you like what you see? You are always more than welcome to drop us a line at info@studiosweetandsour.com. Or if you want a complete overview of our products or stocklist please contact sales@studiosweetandsour.com

We are always happy to hear from you!